Egyptian family stunned after father ‘returns from dead’

The family of an Egyptian man who they thought had died and been buried have been left stunned after he appeared to come back from the dead.
Mohammed El-Gammal, who is in his 40s, was found wandering out of a cemetery in the village of Kafr Al-Hosar in the Sharqiyah region north of Cairo.

However, his family thought they had held his funeral four months ago after they incorrectly identified another corpse as being El-Gammal.
El-Gammal, who had worked as a teacher and is married with children, had suffered from mental illness and would often disappear for up to a month at a time, a village resident told Youm 7 news website.

But in January he went missing and never returned. His family kept searching for him until they received a call from a relative who worked at a local hospital.
The relative told them that an unidentified dead body had arrived at the hospital and the family went to see if it was El-Gammal.

They all believed the corpse was his apart from one of his sisters.
The report said a DNA sample was taken from the body but the result was never received by the family and the funeral took place on March 21.
Four months later, the real El-Gammal was found alive by youths over the weekend and taken to the nearest police station.

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