8 Ways A Phy’sical Relationship Before Marriage Affects Your Relationship

Are you one of those romantics who believes in saving the best for the last and whats to do the final act only on your marital bed? Or have the raging hormones gotten the better of you and you can’t wait to get into a phy’sical relationship before marriage?

“The greatest evil in premarital se’x is a disappointment”

What is more compelling- the ingrained doctrines of society or the natural instincts of your body that are desperate to feel the passion and fulfillment of uniting with your beloved mind, body, and soul?

We at Bonobology believe that mothers should stop conditioning their girls to be a virgin bride. But it is only fair that you think and decide what you believe to be the best course for you.

How does a phy’sical rela’tionship before marriage affect you both psy’chologically and phy’sically and how what are its ramifications in the context of your future husband? Is a phy’sical rela’tionship before marriage good or bad? To be honest, there are both pros and cons to an intimate phy’sical rela’tionship before marriage in India.

And it’s always best to get to know the pros and cons before you dive head-first into a phy’sical rela’tionship before marriage.

8 Ways A Phy’sical Relationship Before Marriage Affects Your Relationship
In India, se’x before marr’iage is still looked down upon far more than in the western world. Here, according to professor Ahalya from NIMHANS Bangalore, even the boys in a relationship who indulge in phy’sical intimacy feel obliged to end the rela’tionship with marriage. It is an expected outcome unless something goes really wrong with the relationship.

This is a very basic human ins’tinct is considered a ta’boo even if the two in the rela’tionship are way beyond the appropriate se’xual activity age both legally and otherwise. We often hear stories of women who are caught in this di’lemma. While every cell in their body is screaming to give in to the longing of phy’sical in’timacy, they still refrain themselves as they feel gui’lty, conf’used, and fear that se’x may change their equation with their beloved.

How phy’sical in’timacy changes a rela’tionship
How phy’sical in’timacy may change the rela’tionship between two people is subjective and depends on the emotional-psy’ch’ological and cultural composition of the two involved. There is no one theory that works for all. We had this query from a man who wanted to have se’x only when he was in love. So there are several men out there who also want to wait before getting phy’sically in’timate with someone. Hence it should be noted that this is not a phenomenon only found in women.

For some, phy’sical in’timacy can mean little and less and can be a one night stand and for the rest, it may be a really big ordeal. How phy’sical int’imacy changes a rela’tionship depends on how a person views it in the first place and how much importance we give to it.

In western cultures, premar’ital se’x is a given and there is much less stigma attached to it. We live in a global village now. The internet, migration, and international streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime allow us to be influenced greatly by different cultures. Each culture is imbibing something from the other. More and more couples now feel that it is okay to have a phy’sical rela’tionship before marriage.

In such a state of constant flux, who decides what is right or wrong? Should you have a phy’sical relationship before marriage? Or is it best to wait? We bring to you 8 ways a phy’sical relationship affects your marriage.

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1. Se’x makes the relationship stronger
Phy’sical in’timacy strengthens emotional bonds. We see different sides to our partners in this very intimate act that we would not otherwise. How gentle or assertive they are, how much they care about the partner’s needs, how receptive they are to what brings them pleasure etc.

In the phy’sical act of making love, lovers bare all to each other and share something that sets them apart from the others. Regular se’xual sessions help them to get to know each other better. Long chats after a fulfilling session are something that even therapists recommend to increase closeness. You are most vulnerable after sharing a se’xual experience with your partner and want to commit yourself to them, mind, body, and soul.

Is a phy’sical relationship before marriage always a success?
It is not a given that the first session would be a total success. It takes time and patience and practice to understand how to give maximum pleasure to each other. This is normally something that takes a lot of exploring. Se’x before marriage gives you an opportunity to share your se’xual kinks and fantasies and see if the two of you are somewhat on the same level.

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